Sweden in its purest form

Discover Sweden the way it is ment to be. Sweden in its purest form.
Discover Sweden the way it is ment to be. Sweden in its purest form.
Route for this trip
Trip from day to day
  • Airplane Home - Stockholm
  • Day 1 - 2 Stockholm
    • Stockholm


    It's time to start your trip. On day 1, you'll arrive in Stockholm from home by airplane. You will stay in Stockholm for 2 nights. Must-see highlights in and around Stockholm are Parliament Building (Riksdagshuset), Royal Palace, Stockholm Old Town.

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    • Parliament Building (Riksdagshuset)
    • Royal Palace
    • Stockholm Old Town
  • Car Stockholm - Uppsala
  • Day 3 Uppsala
    • Uppsala


    Uppsala is the third biggest city from Sweden and has its own university. Uppsala is the home of many students. Did you know Anders Celsius was born here?

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    • Ekolsund Castle
    • Sigtuna Boardwalk
    • Skokloster Castle
  • Car Uppsala - Sundsvall
  • Day 4 Sundsvall
    • Sundsvall


    You are going to see a beautiful coastline, when traveling towards Ostersund, via Umea. The route to the latter is a unique coastroute, and is not without reason listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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    • Bremon
    • Galtstroms bruk
    • Kulturmagasinet
    • Logdo Bruk
    • Lorudden
  • Car Sundsvall - Umeå
  • Umeå
    • Umeå


    Visit Umeå while traveling to Östersund. Must-see highlights in and around Umeå are Bildmuseet, Tegs Kyrkan, Umea Ostra Railway Station.

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    • Bildmuseet
    • Tegs Kyrkan
    • Umea Ostra Railway Station
  • Car Umeå - Östersund
  • Day 5 Östersund
    • Östersund


    Ostersund is a city next to Lake Storsjon. Rumours tell a large monster lives in this lake, called Storsjödjuret. Citizens from Ostersund try to make it as legendary as the Loch Ness monster, but not with very much success.

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    • Frosotornet
  • Car Östersund - Idre
  • Day 6 Idre
    • Idre


    On day 6, you'll arrive in Idre from Östersund by car. You will stay in Idre for 1 night.

  • Car Idre - Falun
  • Day 7 Falun
    • Falun


    Falun is the city of copper and has an old coppermine. You should absolutely book an excursion to this old mine and experience the copperculture in this area.

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    • Carl Larsson-garden
    • Dalhalla
    • Falu Gruva
    • Langshyttans Algpark
    • Sahlins Struts
  • Car Falun - Stockholm
  • Day 8 Stockholm
    • Stockholm


    Back in Stockholm, for your last night in Sweden. Have a good diner this evening and take a good sleep for your flight back home.

  • Airplane Stockholm - Home