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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I share my trip?
    First of all... To share your precious memories with friends or people looking for inspiring trips. But besides that, it is incredibly easy to make money by sharing your trips. When someone books your trip and we can verify that, you will be payed $5 straight into your account. Easy as that.
  • Why book a trip?
    Planning your own trip sounds pretty romantic. But be honest... Do you really enjoy crawling the internet, looking for the best places and spots to go to? Why not borrow these routes and plans from someone who has been there and who can tell you the exact do's and dont's? Exactly. That's why you should use Trollie. And to help the publisher make money, of course!
  • How are estimated prices calculated?
    To give an indication of the costs of a trip, an estimated price is shown for each trip. These estimates include a 3 stars stay (or higher) for each night during the trip. It also includes all flights during the trip, except for the flights from and back to home. For each day a car is needed, an average car rental price is added. All other transfers are not taken into account when calculating the minimum price of a trip.
  • How do I book a trip?
    When you find that one trip you've been looking for, open the trip-page. Click the 'Add to my bookings' button, to add the trip to My bookings. You will be guided through the whole booking process, giving you the complete freedom to choose the departure date, airplane carriers and stays during your trip.
  • Can I customize a trip?
    Did you find the perfect trip, but do you want to add your own special wishes? Add the trip to My bookings and click the 'Customize my trip' button. You will be directed to the 'Customize' step, where you can insert, change of remove locations on your trip. Give a trip your own unique touch, by using a shared trip as foundation.
  • Can I compose and book my own trip?
    Wow, you're a smart person. By composing your trip using My trips, adding it to My bookings and booking it, you will make the first $5 yourself. Another advantage is, that your trip is ready to be booked by others. Even before you leave.
  • How do I share my trip?
    To create and share a new trip, go to My trips and click Share a new trip. You can also click Share a trip in the top menu bar anytime.
  • How do I publish my trip?
    Trips only appear in search results and listings when they're published. To publish your trip, enter all locations and all transfers. On the last transfer (the outbound flight to home), click the 'Finish' button to go to the 'Publisher' screen. There, you will have the option to publish your trip. Once published, you can toggle the 'Publish your trip?' switch from the info screen on the 'Manage trip' page.
  • What is a private trip?
    Did you compose a trip that you don't want to show up in search results? Toggle the 'Make this trip private?' switch to hide it in search results and listings.
  • How is my trip ranked in search results?
    When searching for trips, the search results are ranked by a special ranking algorithm. The higher your trips rank, the higher the chance to score a booking. Of course, we're not going to tell you all of our secrets. When composing your trip, try to fill it for 100%. Of course, ratings for your trips will play an important role, too. It's quality that matters.
  • What is the payout fee?
    For each booked trip, you receive a $5 fee. Clear as that.
  • What is a verified booking?
    Of course, we can only payout your booking fees, when they are verified. A booking is verified when at least 5 parts of a booking are booked through one of our travel partners (TripAdvisor,, or Skyscanner).
  • Is there a payment threshold?
    The payment threshold is $50. When you've reached that threshold, you will be notified by email. In My payments you can request a payment by clicking 'Request a payout'. Your request will be picked up within 24 hours.
  • When are payments done?
    In My payments you can request a payment by clicking 'Request a payout'. Your request will be picked up within 24 hours. A payout can be requested anytime a day. Please note, you can only request a payment when you've reached the $50 threshold.
  • How and where do I store my PayPal address?
    In Manage profile, you have the option to store your PayPal address. This is usually as email address. When doing so, please make sure you enter the correct address. Otherwise, your payments will be sent to someone else.
  • I forgot my password.
    No worries, go to the Forgot your password? page to request a new password.
  • Can I hide my profile for search engines?
    Don't you want your profile and trips to show up in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo? Go to Manage profile and toggle the 'Hide trips and activity' switch. This will hide your trips and activity in other persons activity feeds and will hide your profile and trips for search engines. Please note that this action will decrease your exposure, because your trips won't show up in our search results and listings. Only your own profile page will show your trips.