About Trollie

Founded in 2015 and based in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, Trollie is worlds first social travel community where travelers share their trips and get payed when fellow travelers book these trips. By smartly combining large travel brands like Expedia, Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Skyscanner, Trollie offers you an easy to use booking tool.

Our community offers a broad range of trips, from vacations with kids to adventureous backpacking experiences.

What is Trollie?

Trollie is a startup travel brand.

Basically, Trollie can be seen as a travel agency, but not in the traditional way. The Trollie community shares their self plotted trips and itineraries. Trollie presents these itineraries as a ready-to-book trip for each Trollie user. This way, Trollie is building the world's biggest travel agency, making each traveler a travel agent. Who can tell you better what (not) to do in a country, than the person who's been there?

For each verified booking, Trollie pays out $5 to the trip publisher. The better and completer a publisher presents his profile and trip itineraries, the better his published trips will rank in Trollie's search results and listings. This search algorithm takes a lot of factors into account, like the completeness of a trip and the activity of a publisher.

These are the fundamentals of Trollie's ecosystem, coming together in our official slogan: "Book the best trips, shared by travelers". Making money by sharing your trips.

Joined travelers Our community
Shared trips Ready to book
Bookings Pick stays and transfers
Payouts Verified bookings

Our story

Trollie was designed and built by its founders: Johan Hendriks & Arne van Noorloos, both living in The Netherlands and sharing a passion for traveling. Professioned as webdevelopers, no external developers needed to be hired to realize Trollie. Saving a lot of (financial) resources of course.

The idea for Trollie started early 2015, when Arne was planning a roadtrip from The Netherlands to Nordkapp, Norway. A lot of travel tracker apps were available, but there was no platform offering ready-to-book trips. Getting tired of crawling the internet to find out which places to visit on the road to Nordkapp, the idea was born to build a platform where travelers can share and showcase their trips. Doing some brainstorming later on, the whole concept was written on a 6 pages paper.


The most important milestones so far are:

  • April, 2016 Gino joined the team, as social evangelist.
  • January, 2016 Release of the first version, containing the options to share and book trips.
  • March, 2015 Birth of the idea.

Mission & incentives

In short: Trollie is building the world's largest travel agency, both in number of published trips and in number of bookings.

The biggest incentive for trip bookers is the amount of time to be spared when booking a shared trip. The only thing left to do is (optionally) customize the trip and book flights, transfers and hotels. No more crawling the internet for the best places to visit and finding the perfect itinerary.

By offering publishers a $5 fee for each verified booking of one of their trips, another major incentive jumps in. These two incentives will strengthen the Trollie ecosystem, working two-way to both bookers and publishers.