Highlights of Southern Africa three weeks

Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe
From Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park, crossing Botswana to visit the famous Victoria Falls at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. From there the trip goes through Botswana again, visiting the highlights Namibia's desert, ending in the amazing Mother City; Cape Town.
This trip leads you from the east to the west of South Africa however only at the beginning and the end we stay in this country. Visiting five different countries, four different wildparks, over 1700 meters of waterfalls and the versatile city of Cape Town makes this trip an unforgettable experience! Starting from Johannesburg we suggest to go straight to the Kruger Park, unless you would like to visit some museums, for example the apartheid museum. There is a lot more to do in this city but we suggest taking some more days extra in Cape Town instead of Johannesburg. The Kruger Park is the first wildpark to spot the big five. There are a lot of places to spend the night from wildcamps to the most luxury hotels and villas however it is all about spotting wildlife during a game drive. Don't forget to hire a guide who can add real value. Also inform about the best time to do a game drive. After a long drive through Namibia it is time for the highlight of this trip: Victoria Falls. Take your time in both Zambia and Zimbabwe to view the falls from different sides. Do the bungee from the bridge, raft the river or take the microlight or helicopter to watch the falls and wildlife from another side. From the falls we visit another three wildparks in a row. Alternate a 4-wheel-drive whit a cruise and be assured of spotting elephants at Chobe. More famous is the next park, the Okavango Delta, which is an Unesco World Heritage. Different ways again to explore this park but the most impressive is a Mokoro Trip. The last wildpark is Etosha which is part of the Kalahari desert also named as a salt pan. A complete difference from all other parks because of its dry landscape. Don't think: "another wildpark", but take your time to see things and animals you have not seen yet! From here we go onward through Namibia, to coastal Walvis Bay and the Capital Windhoek! These places are also worth spending some days! We conclude in Cape Town, the city where you need to stay a week at least! Recover from your trip at the beautiful beaches, meet the locals, and taste South African wine! Of course, don't miss Table Mountain, Robben Island, the Waterfront and Cape of Good Hope which are the hotspots and don't leave before you are statisfied.
Route for this trip
Trip from day to day
  • Airplane Home - Johannesburg
  • Day 1 Johannesburg
    • Johannesburg: Experience Living in Africa!

    Johannesburg: Experience Living in Africa!

    Arrival at Johannesburg Airport and stay the night in the beautiful Monarch Hotel. Johannesburg provides a lot of highlights so when there is some time left take a taxi to one of the many markets, the Apartheid Museum or join an organized Township Tour and meet some of the nicest people in the world!

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    • Apartheid Museum
    • Johannesburg Zoo
    • Sterkfontein Cave
  • Car Johannesburg - Kruger National Park Boundary Road
  • Day 2 - 4 Kruger National Park Boundary Road
    • Kruger National Park: The Big Five at its Best

    Kruger National Park: The Big Five at its Best

    This day the game between predator and prey will start. Leave the hotel early for a trip to one of the most beautiful accommodations of the Kruger Park, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve and enjoy a game drive through this section of the largest wildlife park of South Africa. Hint: do some different safari's: early morning, afternoon and evenening as well as a walking safari!

  • Airplane Kruger National Park Boundary Road - Livingstone
  • Day 5 - 6 Livingstone
    • Livingstone: Where Water Prevails

    Livingstone: Where Water Prevails

    After arriving at Livingstone airport you are already close to the falls. Drop your bags at the hotel and head to the falls as soon as you can. No time to waste as there is so much to do at this side of the falls. The best way to experience the fall is by Microlight Plane, this also gives you a great at some wildlife!

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    • Gorge Swing
    • Victoria Falls Bridge
  • Car Livingstone - Victoria Falls
  • Day 7 - 8 Victoria Falls
    • Victoria Falls: Going wild at the Zambesi

    Victoria Falls: Going wild at the Zambesi

    Cross the boarder to Zimbabwe and view the falls from a complete other side. A raft or canoe trip over the river is a real experience or make a bungee swing from the bridge over the river!

  • Car Victoria Falls - Chobe
  • Day 9 Chobe
    • Chobe: The Habitat of the most Dangerous Preditors

    Chobe: The Habitat of the most Dangerous Preditors

    Another day of Safari at Chobe National Park. A real different expericene as the Kruger Park. Don't leave after a game drive and make sure you do a sundowner cruise over the river to see what happens in the water!

  • Car Chobe - Moremi
  • Day 10 Moremi
    • Moremi: the pride of Southern Africa

    Moremi: the pride of Southern Africa

    Antoher day of Safari, we are at the famous Okavango Delta! A selfrive is allowed here however take a guide with you who will answer all your questions and knows where to find the animals you want to see. Support the Cheetah and Rhino conservation by visiting them!

  • Car Moremi - Etosha
  • Day 11 - 12 Etosha
    • Etosha: Complete the Namibia Experience at the Salt Pan

    Etosha: Complete the Namibia Experience at the Salt Pan

    After all safaris done Etosha is the last game reserve to visit. Don't think you have seen everything already because this reserve very different from others and known as a salt pan! Have a look at the floodlit waterholes at night!

  • Car Etosha - Swakopmund
  • Day 13 - 14 Swakopmund
    • Walvis Bay: Water Dwellers and Oysters

    Walvis Bay: Water Dwellers and Oysters

    We have arrived at the coast of Namibia and when you arrive in Walvis Bay it feels like you are in Germany (Namibia is a former German Colony). Also visit Swakopmund and do dolpin and seal cruise or take a 4x4 and explore the desert.

  • Car Swakopmund - Windhoek
  • Day 15 Windhoek
    • Windhoek: Capital of the Desert with Interesting History

    Windhoek: Capital of the Desert with Interesting History

    Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and it is worth doing a tour through the old city centre. It is possible to do game drives from here again, as well as desert tours and township tours.

  • Airplane Windhoek - Cape Town
  • Day 16 - 21 Cape Town
    • Cape Town: Falling in love with Table Mountain

    Cape Town: Falling in love with Table Mountain

    Waking up in Cape Town will make everyone falling in love with this beautifull city. Table Mountain on one side and the Ocean at the other side will give you the most amazing views of a city. Visit the Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island but don't forget hiking up Table Mountain and Lions Head. Don't forget to visit the Penguins, Waterfront, Winelands and city centre market!

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    • Castle of Good Hope
    • Greenmarket Square
    • St Georges Mall
    • St. George's Cathedral
  • Airplane Cape Town - Home