Roadtrip through Norway with the kids

Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden
A 17 day roadtrip all the way to above the polar circle in Norway and back via the beautiful Fjorden. You can do this trip perfectly with your kids and own car. The trip includes some great national routes and tips for locations / excursions you'll never forget.
A 17 day roadtrip all the way to above the polar circle in Norway and back via the beautiful Fjorden. You can do this trip perfectly with your kids and own car. The trip includes some great national routes and tips for locations / excursions you'll never forget.
Route for this trip
Trip from day to day
  • Airplane Home - Kiel
  • Kiel
    • The ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg

    The ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg

    Drive to kiel, so you can take the ferry to Gothenburg. It takes 1 night. There's some entertainment on the ferry and some nice places to eat.

  • Boat Kiel - Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg
    • Gothenburg


    When leaving the ferry, the roadtrip starts with a drive to Lillehammer. You can make a short visit to Oslo.

  • Car Gothenburg - Lillehammer
  • Day 2 - 3 Lillehammer


    2 days Lillehammer gives you plenty of time to visit the huge Olympic Park where you can climb the ski jumping hill. It gives you a great view over the Lillehammer area. Also visit the Maihaugen Museum with it's nice wooden buildings and the impressive Olympic Museum (both located nearby each other). If your lucky (within the season), spend a few hours in the Hunderfossen themepark.

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    • Hunderfossen Familiepark
    • Lillehammer Olympic Bob & LugeTrack
    • Lillehammer Olympic Park
    • Maihaugen Open-Air Museum
    • Norwegian Olympic Museum
  • Car Lillehammer - Grong
  • Day 4 Grong


    On your way to Grong (which is a perfect place to rest for your trip up to the Polar Circle) you'll pass a nice National Route called "Rondane". This road gives you some great views of the Rondane National Park. A stop at the Sohlbergplassen viewpoint is definitely worth stopping for (see picture).

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    • Gloshaug Church
    • Namsen Salmon Aquarium
  • Car Grong - Storjord
  • Day 5 Storjord


    You'll pass some great waterfalls and water slides on your way to Saltdal. This trip ends at the Saltdal Turistsenter. You will pass the Polar Circle and the Arctic Circle Center. Depending on the season you're there, you maybe see the Aurora or the Midnight Sun.

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    • Asenhuset
    • Misvaer Church
    • Polarsirkelsenteret
  • Car Storjord - Grong
  • Day 6 Grong


    It's back to Grong. The same road as yesterday. Take time to take some great pictures of the beautiful landscapes that pass by.

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    • Namsen Salmon Aquarium
  • Car Grong - Trondheim
  • Day 7 Trondheim


    Trondheim is a really nice town. The old town bridge (pictures) is one Trondheim's well known places. Make sure you visit the bridge and go for some shopping in the center of the city.

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    • Nidarosdomen
    • Old Town Bridge
    • Trondheim Tourist Information Centre
  • Car Trondheim - Dombås
  • Day 8 Dombås


    On your way to Dombas, you will pass the Snohetta viewpoint. Make sure you plan a stop there. It's a 1km walk up the mountain which gives you a great view over the area (see pictures).

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    • Haukdalen
    • Stavkirke Lom
  • Car Dombås - Flåm
  • Day 9 - 10 Flåm


    On your way to Flam, there's another great National Route you can take. It's called Sognefjellet. It gives you a lot of different great views of Norway. Must-do's in Flam are the Fjord Safari, the Flam Railway Train and the Stegastein Viewpoint. A stay in Aurlanden is recommended because you will have a great view from your hotel / appartment.

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    • Aurland Lookout
    • Flam Tourist Office
    • Stegastein Lookout
    • The Flam Railway
    • World Heritage Cruise Naeroyfjord
  • Car Flåm - Bergen
  • Day 11 Bergen


    The road to Bergen is also magnificient. It's hard to navigate through Bergen in the center of the city, but when your at your hotel / stay in Bergen. Everything is within walking distance. The Bryggen warf and the Mount Floyen (located near each other) are must-do's when wheater conditions are okay.

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    • Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
    • Fish Market
    • Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floibanen)
  • Car Bergen - Stavanger
  • Day 12 - 13 Stavanger


    Plan a day to visit the Pullpit Rock (Preikestolen) and make sure you have good climbing shoes (and a good condition). It's a 4km walk up (about 2 hour walk) which gives you a view over the fjorden which you'll never forget (see pictures). A stay near Sola (the beaches) is recommended so you can also take a nice swim at the beach.

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    • Old Stavanger
    • Pulpit Rock
    • Sola Strand
  • Car Stavanger - Kristiansand
  • Kristiansand


    Take the ferry from Kristiansand to Hirtshals.

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    • Kristiansand Domkirke
  • Boat Kristiansand - Hirtshals
  • Day 14 Hirtshals


    Spend the night in Hirtshals and leave early in the morning so you'll have an extra day in Legoland / Lalandia.

  • Car Hirtshals - Billund
  • Day 15 - 17 Billund


    Legoland it is. If you stay a couple of days there, you can also visit the nice waterpark in holiday village Lalandia which is located next to Legoland.

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    • Legoland Billund
  • Airplane Billund - Home