Beautiful Peru & Bolivia in 4 weeks

Peru, Bolivia
Explore the best parts of Peru and Bolivia in 4 weeks with highlights like Machu Pichu, beautiful colonial cities and the jungle close to Rurrenabaque.
Explore the best parts of Peru and Bolivia in 4 weeks with highlights like Machu Pichu, beautiful colonial cities and the jungle close to Rurrenabaque.
Route for this trip
Trip from day to day
  • Airplane Home - Lima
  • Day 1 - 2 Lima
    • Lima


    Great city to stroll around and eat in some of the finest restaurants that the city has to offer. Make sure to drink a 'Pisco sour' somewhere! A nice local drink.

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    • Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy
    • Iglesia de las Nazarenas
    • Iglesia de San Agustin
    • Iglesia y Convento La Merced
    • Plaza San Martin
  • Car Lima - Paracas
  • Day 3 Paracas
    • Paracas ( El Chaco)

    Paracas ( El Chaco)

    Visit the Islas Balestas from here. Several times a day a boat takes you out to the Islas. The islands are home to seals, pelicans, penguins and other seabirds. Make sure to bring a hat! As it is not unusual to receive a direct hit of guano (droppings) from the seabirds. There is something about this guano, check it out once you are there.

  • Car Paracas - Huacachina
  • Day 4 Huacachina
    • Huacachina


    Never seen a oasis before? Huacachina is a small village surrounded by enormous sand dunes. Check in your hotel quickly and try to get on a buggy ride towards one of the most beautifull sundowns you will ever see. Along the way you get a chance to downhill some nice dunes on a sandboard.

  • Car Huacachina - Arequipa
  • Day 5 - 7 Arequipa
    • Arequipa


    Peru's second largest city is by far the most beautifull city. You can easily spend a whole week here visiting different musea, old buildings and churches. Looking for more adventure, the Colca Canyon trek is very nice. A must see in your trip through Peru!

  • Car Arequipa - Puno
  • Day 8 Puno
    • Puno


    Another big city lying at the shore of lake Titicaca. Great way to explore the lake on the Peruvian side. The city itself has a nice square with some good restaurants there. On lake Titicaca you can visit the Islas Flotantas. Although very touristic it does give you a good idea of how these people used to live on the water.

  • Car Puno - Cusco
  • Day 9 - 10 Cusco
    • Cusco: Cosmopolitan Inca Capital

    Cusco: Cosmopolitan Inca Capital

    This historical city will enter your heart with it's very nice 'Plaza de Armas' and surrounding cathedrals. In the city you will find several remainings from the old Inca's, if your Lucky you might even bump into an Inca king. Adventure seekers will find more then enough options here: - White water rafting - Mountain biking - and several treks, amongst them the famous 'Inca Trail' You cannot skip this city!

  • Walk Cusco - Machu Picchu
  • Day 11 - 14 Machu Picchu
    • Site: Machu Picchu

    Site: Machu Picchu

    This great 15th century Inca citadel sits at 2430m on a narrow ridge top above the Río Urubamba. The actual purpose of this site is not yet completely certain therefore the Peruvian governement keeps funding the investigation. If you seek adventure and have money and time, do the official Inca trail. This 4 day hike takes you on a path that was previously walked on by the old Inca's. Porters will carry your gear and you will sleep in tents on camp sites. Food is cooked so you only have to worry about bringing enough memory for you camera. You will need it! The hike is only 42km but will go up and down. Certified guides will show you the way and explain everything they know about the trail and magnificant sites you will see along the way. In case you can't do the inca trail but want to walk, do the Lares trek. Similar to the Inca trail but less expensive.

  • Car Machu Picchu - Cusco
  • Day 15 - 16 Cusco
    • Cusco


    see previous description. If you did the Inca trail or Lares Trek make sure to reward yourself with a relaxing massage, you'll need it!

  • Airplane Cusco - Nuestra Señora de La Paz
  • Day 17 - 18 Nuestra Señora de La Paz
    • La Paz: Highest capital in the world!

    La Paz: Highest capital in the world!

    From 3200m to 4000m you will find world's highest capital city in the Andes. A taxi ride from the airport to the city center shows you some great views over the enourmous city. Stroll over the witches market to see really weird things and visit some local restaurants.

  • Airplane Nuestra Señora de La Paz - Rurrenabaque
  • Day 19 - 21 Rurrenabaque
    • Welcome to the jungle - Rurrenabaque

    Welcome to the jungle - Rurrenabaque

    The last stop at Rurrenabaque before you head out into the Amazon jungle on a 3 day tour. This small town hasn't got much to offer, so do some relaxing here if you have some time. A jungle tour can be booked easily here. A jeep will take you to a river where you will continue your route by boat on a river packed with crocodiles, turtles, snakes, piranhas and even Dolphins. Go for a swim if you'd like. You will sleep on the river bank at a local family. They will cook traditional dishes and show you the way they live their lives. If your Lucky you might catch piranha that will be you diner.

  • Airplane Rurrenabaque - Nuestra Señora de La Paz
  • Day 22 - 23 Nuestra Señora de La Paz
    • La Paz

    La Paz

    Back again? Enjoy!

  • Car Nuestra Señora de La Paz - Copacabana
  • Day 24 - 25 Copacabana
    • Bolivian Copacabana

    Bolivian Copacabana

    Her name was Lola, she was a show girl.... On the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca lies Copacabana. This nice holiday resort will offer you the relaxing needed after 3,5 weeks of travelling. Great food, great city, lovely people and plenty of things to do, or not. Visit some of the islands in the lake or maybe even spend a night or two there. Be carefull with the sun. It might not feel too warm but it will definitely give you a proper sun burn!

  • Car Copacabana - Nuestra Señora de La Paz
  • Day 26 Nuestra Señora de La Paz
    • La Paz

    La Paz

    Too bad, your trip has ended. But remember the best thing about travelling is going home and thinkin about the next new adventure!

  • Airplane Nuestra Señora de La Paz - Home