10 Days In Vanuatu

With dreamy tropical Islands and the happiest people in the world, Vanuatu is a jewel yet to be discovered. You'll be dipping in pristine blue holes, relaxing on your own tropical beach, get up close and personal with an active volcano and scuba dive with WWII relics!
Vanuatu is a great all around destination for those already visiting New Zealand and/or Australia. If you're looking to experience that remote South Pacific charm, Vanuatu is the perfect choice! This independent nation consists of 83 small islands, floating like a giant 'Y shape' in the South Pacific Ocean. Its Melanesian people arrived thousands of years ago from Papua New Guinea and though former cannibals, are today among the friendliest and happiest people you'll ever encounter. Pick and choose the islands you wish to visit, but the absolute must visit islands are: * Efate: this is the main island where you'll find the sleepy capital Port Villa, blue holes, tropical waterfalls, resorts, kava bars and excellent road trip opportunities * Espiritu Santo: the biggest island in Vanuatu, where you'll find excellent wreck diving, jungle hikes to hidden caves, blue holes and pristine beaches * Tanna: way down in the south, the island hosts the world's most accessible active volcano, ancient tribes that still retain their way of life and a laid back charm * Pentecost: where bungee jumping was invented. Every year from May to July, locals still jump off wooden towers with nothing but a vine tied to their leg!
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  • Airplane Home - Efate
  • Day 1 - 3 Efate
    • 3 Days In Efate Island

    3 Days In Efate Island

    Vanuatu's main island, there's simply no way you can (or should) avoid this place. Day 1: Visit the Mele Cascades and splash in the fresh pools, walk to the beach and catch the ferry to Hideaway Island for some snorkeling, get ready for a night out on the town and hit Port Vila's kava bars! Day 2: Rent a car and circle the island. Start off with a splash in the Eton Blue Hole, continuing to Havannah Harbor where Survivor was filmed and finally back to Port Vila while stopping wherever you want! Day 3: Visit downtown Port Vila and check out the exotic food market. Cross the street to the clothing and crafts market to pick up a few souvenirs, before relaxing along the harbor for the rest of the day and preparing for tomorrow's flight!

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    • Lelepa Island Day Tour
    • Mele Cascades
    • South Pacific Tours Round Island Tour Day Tour
  • Car Efate - Espiritu Santo
  • Day 4 - 7 Espiritu Santo
    • 4 Dsys In Espiritu Santo

    4 Dsys In Espiritu Santo

    Espiritu Santo is the largest island in Vanuatu, sparsely populated and little developed beyond the main town of Luganville. During WWII, the US had a massive base on the island and the best way to see what's left is by heading underwater. Day 1: Dive the SS President Coolidge, one of the best wreck dives in the world! This luxury liner was converted to a troop carrier in WWII and hot a friendly mine when entering the harbor. Diving starts from 30 meters and can go down to 70 meters! Day 2: Take a cab to Million Dollar Point. At the end of the war, there were no buyers around for all the military equipment so it was simply dumped at sea. You can now snorkel around the rusty tanks, fighter jets, jeeps and cannons! Day 3: Take a trip or simply stay at Lonnoc Beach. This is a picture postcard beach that hardly gets any visitors because of its more famous sister up the road - Champagne Beach, which you should totally visit. Day 4: Join and tour and hike to the Millennium Cave. You'll get wet, sweaty but you'll never forget this magical bat filled cave!

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    • Champagne Beach
    • Million Dollar Point
    • SS President Coolidge
  • Car Espiritu Santo - Tanna
  • Day 8 - 10 Tanna
    • 3 Days In Tanna

    3 Days In Tanna

    Tanna is one of the southernmost islands in Vanuatu and can be reached only by plane from Port Vila. The main attraction here is Mount Yasur, dubbed at the world's most accessible active volcano. The island hardly has any paved roads, and its residents live a very simple life. Day 1: Join a volcano tour and visit Mount Yasur. You'll leave in the afternoon and reach the mouth of the volcano before sunset. Enjoy the show! Day 2: Go for a morning snorkel in Blue Hole #1 (that's the name). You'll be swimming in pristine waters with nobody else around you but thousands of tropical fish. In the afternoon, head on 'the magic tour', a visit to a former tribe of cannibals who'll show you how real islanders used to live in a theatrical show. Day 3: Visit the Yakel Tribe way out in the middle of nowhere. The tribe still retains their original way of life, including the lack of clothing. Many documentary films have been made about this unique tribe. On the way back, stop at the giant banyan tree! It's well over a thousand years old and simply... huge!

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    • Mount Yasur
    • Volcano Island Divers
  • Airplane Tanna - Home