USA from Coast-to-Coast in one month

United States, Canada
The dream of every USA-fan... Travel from east to west USA in only one month. You'll see every exciting city of The States yourself. New York City, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco. It's all here!
The dream of every USA-fan... Travel from east to west USA in only one month. You'll see every exciting city of The States yourself. New York City, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco. It's all here! I haven't even mentioned all National Parks and natural wonders you are going to see. What about Yellowstone NP, Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP and my personal favorite: Joshua Tree NP! Ah, please bring some cash for Vegas, too.
Route for this trip
Trip from day to day
  • Airplane Home - New York
  • Day 1 - 3 New York

    New York

    It's time to start your trip. On day 1, you'll arrive in New York from home by airplane. You will stay in New York for 3 nights. Must-see highlights in and around New York are African Burial Ground National Monument, City Hall Park Visitor Information Center, New York City Supreme Court, St. Paul's Chapel, Woolworth Building.

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    • African Burial Ground National Monument
    • City Hall Park Visitor Information Center
    • New York City Supreme Court
    • St. Paul's Chapel
    • Woolworth Building
  • Train New York - Washington
  • Day 4 - 5 Washington


    On day 4, you'll arrive in Washington from New York by train. You will stay in Washington for 2 nights. Must-see highlights in and around Washington are Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, Foundry United Methodist Church, Heurich House Museum, Munfordville Battlefield, National World War II Memorial, St. John's Church.

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    • Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle
    • Foundry United Methodist Church
    • Heurich House Museum
    • Munfordville Battlefield
    • National World War II Memorial
    • St. John's Church
  • Car Washington - Chambersburg, PA
  • Day 6 Chambersburg, PA
    • Chambersburg


    Not the most exciting stop of your trip, but Chambersburg is a good and quiet place to stay before heading towards Niagara Falls.

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    • Capitol Theatre Center
    • Cumberland Valley Rail Trail
    • High Rock Overlook
    • Martins Mill Bridge Park
    • The Old Jail
  • Car Chambersburg, PA - Niagara Falls
  • Day 7 Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls

    On the border of the USA and Canada, you will find the Niagara Falls. Although this pace is 365 days a year incredible crowded, it is all worth it. Take the elevator and go down to take place on the ferry, which will take you almost in the falls.

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    • Lavinia Porter Manse
    • Old Falls Street
    • Prophet Isaiah's Second Coming House
    • Skylon Tower Observation Deck
    • White Water Walk
  • Car Niagara Falls - Toronto
  • Day 8 Toronto


    After crossing the Canadian border, you're heading towards Toronto. A friendly city with a complete different setting as the US cities you've seen so far. A must see is the CN Tower, which will give you an awesome view over Toronto.

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    • Canada Permanent Building
    • Nathan Phillips Square
    • Old City Hall
    • The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre
    • Yonge-Dundas Square
  • Car Toronto - Windsor
  • Day 9 Windsor
    • Windsor, ON

    Windsor, ON

    On day 9, you'll arrive in Windsor from Toronto by car. You will stay in Windsor for 1 night. Must-see highlights in and around Windsor are Detroit RiverFront, Detroit Riverwalk, Guardian Building, Joe Louis Arena, Windsor Riverfront.

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    • Detroit RiverFront
    • Detroit Riverwalk
    • Guardian Building
    • Joe Louis Arena
    • Windsor Riverfront
  • Car Windsor - Chicago
  • Day 10 - 11 Chicago
    • Chicago


    On day 10, you'll arrive in Chicago from Windsor by car. You will stay in Chicago for 2 nights. Must-see highlights in and around Chicago are Flamingo Sculpture, Harold Washington Library Center, San Marco II, The Loop, The Rookery.

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    • Flamingo Sculpture
    • Harold Washington Library Center
    • San Marco II
    • The Loop
    • The Rookery
  • Airplane Chicago - Rapid City, SD
  • Rapid City, SD

    Rapid City, SD

    Your flight will take you to Rapid City, SD. You will pick up your new rental car here.

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    • Big Thunder Gold Mine
    • Chapel in the Hills
    • Cosmos of the Black Hills
    • Downtown Rapid City
    • Fort Hays Old West Town and Dinner Show
  • Car Rapid City, SD - Gillette
  • Day 12 Gillette
    • Gillette


    After a long day with a flight from Chicago to Rapid City (where you pick up another rental car), you will sleep in Gillette.

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    • Eagle Butte Coal Mine
  • Car Gillette - Cody, WY
  • Day 13 - 14 Cody, WY
    • Cody, WY

    Cody, WY

    Loving nature? Of course, who doesn't. But these two days will bring you to one of the most beautiful National Parks of the States: Yellowstone NP. Bears, buffalos and colourful hot springs. You have to be lucky to see bears, but the buffalos and hot springs are guaranteed! Words can't describe this wonder of nature: go see it yourself.

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    • Chief Joseph Scenic Highway
    • Heart Mountain Interpretive Center
    • Old Trail Town
  • Car Cody, WY - Idaho Falls
  • Day 15 Idaho Falls
    • Idaho Falls

    Idaho Falls

    Idaho Falls is not a very popular town, but the iconic Idaho Falls Idaho Temple of the Mormons will be a nice trademark of this place, with the Snake River crossing through.

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    • Melaleuca Field
    • Snake River Greenbelt
  • Car Idaho Falls - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Day 16 Salt Lake City, UT
    • Salt Lake City, UT

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Before heading towards your hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, you should visit the Salt Lake. With an experience similar to taking a swim in the Dead Sea, you will be floating on the water in this gigantic salt lake. Salt Lake City is pretty friendly when it comes to the accessibility: pretty much the whole city can be seen in one day by foot.

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    • Beehive House
    • Joseph Smith Memorial Building
    • Salt Lake Temple
    • The John W. Gallivan Utah Center
    • The Tabernacle
  • Car Salt Lake City, UT - Moab
  • Day 17 Moab
    • Moab


    Are you really adventureous? Here is your chance to see two National Parks in one day. Get up early to visit either Arches NP, before taking off to Canyonlands NP. You have a couple of hours in both NPs, which should be enough to see most of the highlights and to score a stamp in your NP passport.

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    • Delicate Arch
    • Grand View Point Overlook
    • Island in the Sky
    • Potash Road
    • White Rim Road
  • Car Moab - Cortez
  • Day 18 Cortez
    • Cortez


    One of the oldest cities found in the US is nowadays called Mesa Verde NP ("green table"). In the rocks you will see handcrafted houses and there are some open sights to give you an insight how these houses are made.

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    • Balcony House
    • Cliff Palace
    • Majestic Dude Ranch
    • Spruce Tree House
    • Ute Mountain Tribal Park
  • Car Cortez - Grand Canyon Village
  • Day 19 Grand Canyon Village
    • Grand Canyon Village

    Grand Canyon Village

    Is this the best known NP of the United States? Maybe... Grand Canyon NP is a 435 km long canyon, with the quiet Colorado River sneaking through it, hundreds of meters below your feet when you're enjoying the silence when standing at the rim. Tip: get our of your bed before sunrise and find yourself a nice seat to enjoy the sunrise. You will be surprised by the size and silence of this world wonder.

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    • Grand Canyon Skywalk
    • Grand Canyon South Rim
    • Hopi Point
  • Car Grand Canyon Village - Las Vegas
  • Day 20 - 22 Las Vegas
    • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    What a contrast... From a wonder of nature, to the city of entertainment, Las Vegas. Before stopping in Vegas, make sure you visit the Hoover Dam: a huge dam built in the 1930s to control the Colorado River waterflow. Pick yourself a hotel you like most and walk down the Strip to see all lights, sounds, casinos and entertainment on the streets. If you'd like to see a show in one of the hotels, make sure to book your tickets a long time before your stay, to ensure your tickets. Oh, did I mention you should take some cash with you?

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    • Divine Madness Fantasy Wedding Chapel
    • Fremont Street Experience
    • Lucky Little Chapel Downtown
    • Stars of the Strip
    • Vegas Wedding Chapel
  • Car Las Vegas - Los Angeles
  • Day 23 Los Angeles
    • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is one of the largest cities of California and the US in general. Although there is not really one 'downtown area' like you will see in most cities, LA has plenty of highlights you want to see. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Venice Beach... Need to say more? Book your hotel near Venice, so you can enjoy Venice Beach after a long day of traveling through the city. Best way to do this is by car.

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    • Hollywood Sign
    • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Car Los Angeles - Morro Bay, CA
  • Day 24 Morro Bay, CA
    • Morro Bay, CA

    Morro Bay, CA

    Your last two stays will be on the legendary Route 1 coastroute. From Los Angeles towards San Francisco, The Big Sur will ensure you of the best views you have ever seen. Morro Bay is a stop almost halfway Route 1. Roads are bendy most of the time, but Morro Bay will give a sneak peak to San Francisco, with a group of sea lions make noise while you enjoy dinner.

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    • Bishop Peak
    • California Polytechnic University
    • Cayucos Pier
    • Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial
    • Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
  • Car Morro Bay, CA - San Francisco
  • Day 25 - 26 San Francisco
    • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    As your grandmother told you: save the best for last. San Francisco is a city built on top of a couple of hills, just like ancient Rome. It is pretty tempting to walk down the Golden Gate Bridge, but I'd advice you to take a bus to Sausalito: the other side of the bridge. Two days should be enough to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz (take the earliest ferry!), Fishermans Wharf and iconic places like Lombard Street. A good tip is to take a good walk through the hills. Great romantic scenes and steep hills are the ingredients, but it is worth it to get a taste of the real city.

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    • Asian Art Museum
    • Market Street
    • New Conservatory Theatre Center
    • San Francisco City Hall
    • Silver Lion Service - Private Tours
  • Airplane San Francisco - Home