Balkan short trip (5 days)

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro
A great trip through Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina in only five days. Enjoy stunning nature, beautiful cities and great food.
Three different countries: - Croatia (nature, good food, great weather, historic cities). - Bosnia and Herzegovina (history, nature). - Montenegro (nature, hidden gems, less tourism) Day 1 Dubrovnik (Croatia) - Start your trip with a ride with the cable car to mount Srd. From here you have a beautiful view of the old town. You can enjoy a lovely meal from the panorama restaurant (book in advance). - Watch the sunset from mount Srd. Day 2 Stubica and Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Visit the Kravica waterfalls. A hidden gem in the Bosnian nature where you can have a jump in the water. - Continue your trip to Mostar and discover the old town with cobbled stones, mosques and churches. Watch the daredevils jumping from the bridge. Day 3 Dubrovnik (Croatia) - Start your day at Banje beach and enjoy the views of the old town. - Continue the day with a Kayak tour on the sea and peddle to the Island of Lokrum and hidden beaches. - End your day by eating a traditional croatian pasta with seafruit. Day 4 Perast and Kotor (Montenegro) - Start the day at the artificial Island of Our lady of the rocks. - Continue the trip to Perast, have a stroll around and then take the boat to Kotor. - Sail through the bay of Kotor. - Climb Kotors city wall, buy some unique souvenirs from artists and enjoy the view from te beach. Day 5 Dubrovnik (Croatia) - Climb Dubrovniks city wall. - Stroll through the old town of Dubrovnik. - Enjoy a guided tour (for instance Game of thrones). Travel agencies: - Select Dubrovnik ( very good) - Laus travel (average) - World of kayaks (average)
Route for this trip
Trip from day to day
  • Airplane Home - Dubrovnik
  • Day 1 Dubrovnik


    It's time to start your trip. On day 1, you'll arrive in Dubrovnik from home by airplane. You will stay in Dubrovnik for 1 night. Must-see highlights in and around Dubrovnik are Dubrovnik Cable Car.

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    • Dubrovnik Cable Car
  • Walk Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik
  • Day 2 Dubrovnik


    On day 2, you'll arrive in Dubrovnik from Dubrovnik by walk. You will stay in Dubrovnik for 1 night.

  • Bus Dubrovnik - Stubica
  • Stubica

    Stubica (Kravica waterfalls)

    Take a good swim in the Kravica waterfalls, relax at the waterfront and watch the beautiful nature.

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    • Kravice Falls
  • Bus Stubica - Mostar
  • Mostar


    Mostar is a town of different religions. At the eastside of the river you will find the mosques. At the westside you will find the churches. Take a stroll through the town and take some souvenirs from the shops.

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    • Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprija)
    • Koskin-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque
    • Old Bridge (Stari Most)
    • Turkish House (Kajtaz)
  • Bus Mostar - Dubrovnik
  • Day 3 Dubrovnik


    Take a 3-hour kayaktrip and see the Island of Lokrum and some hidden beaches. You can book this excursion for 30 euro at the pile gate.

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    • Banje Beach
    • Laus Travel
    • Minceta Fortress
    • Outdoor Croatia Sea Kayaking
    • Rector's Palace
    • Select Dubrovnik
    • War Photo Limited
  • Walk Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik
  • Day 4 Dubrovnik


    On day 4, you'll arrive in Dubrovnik from Dubrovnik by walk. You will stay in Dubrovnik for 1 night.

  • Bus Dubrovnik - Perast
  • Perast


    Perast is a small town with nearly 300 inhabitants. There is not much in this town but you can enjoy a nice lunch and watch the stunning views of the bay. You can also visit Our lady of the rocks. A small artificial Island with a church.

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    • Crkva Gospe od Skrpjela
    • Kotor Boat Tours
    • Our Lady of the Rocks
    • Tower of Bajo Pivljanin
  • Boat Perast - Kotor
  • Kotor


    Climb the city wall for a fantastic view over the bay of Kotor. Stroll through the narrow streets and buy some nice art.

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    • Bay of Kotor
    • Cats Museum
    • Lovcen National Park
    • Piazza of the arms
  • Bus Kotor - Dubrovnik
  • Day 5 Dubrovnik


    Welcome to Dubrovnik, your last destination of this trip. On day 5, you'll arrive in Dubrovnik from Kotor by bus. You will stay in Dubrovnik for 1 night. Must-see highlights in and around Dubrovnik are Pile Gate, Walls of Dubrovnik, War Photo Limited.

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    • Pile Gate
    • Walls of Dubrovnik
    • War Photo Limited
  • Airplane Dubrovnik - Home